MedCA Certification Exam

The MedCA certification has been created to show prospective employers that an individual is a dedicated healthcare professional and is proficient in the field. Passing a MedCA certification enters you into an exclusive membership of highly distinctive professionals in your field. In today’s economy, employers are looking for unique health care professionals to fill their positions. These employers want someone to stand out above the rest. By obtaining a MedCA certification you will have the extra credentials that employers are looking for.

In some states, many hospitals and private practices require a MedCA Certification.

Additional Information and Pricing of the MedCA Certification Exam:

The MedCA Certification Exam is optional and can be done in one of our classes. MedCA provides Certification on completion of the test. $100 will be payable to MedCA prior to the exam and goes to MedCA. The student will then receive two credentials, one from Southwest Phlebotomy Certifications and the other from MedCA.

MedCA Certification Exam Study Guide: Please be sure to thoroughly familiarize yourself with this material to ensure success in your exam.

MedCA Exam Study Guide

If you have additional questions about the MedCA Certification Exam or the costs associated with taking the exam, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.